3D Scans

I’m a proud owner and operator of a new, revolutionary camera that does professional, high-quality scans of real estate properties. I now offer sellers to virtually display their properties online, in the most realistic and immersive way. It’s like having a 24/7 open house. Check out any of the listings below. Buyers will be engaged, going from room to room, from one floor to another, front yard, back yard, and everywhere else, from the comfort of their computer or mobile device. Give me a call and let’s talk about marketing your property for sale, in the most effective way.

2610 Ocean Pkwy Apt 1H

2525 West 2 St #3B

1702 Ave Z 3A

3311 Shore Pkwy 6C

727 Ocean View Ave C1

1411 Ave X, Apt 1D CONDO

1680 Ocean Ave 3B

2650 Ocean Pkwy Apt 12L

3831 Lyme Ave

2425 Kings Hwy D19

3901 Nostrand Ave

12 Cyrus Ave

2330 Voorhies Ave Apt 4Eq

2547 West 2 St 1B COOP

2359 East 73rd St


2525 East 12TH St

1757 East 29th St

2448 East 12th St

56A 74th St

56 74th St

45 Oceana Dr E PH1B

4300 Atlantic Ave #4

3814 Shore Pkwy 2C

2955 Ocean PKwy 2F

2827 Brown St 3B

23 Brighton 11th St

224 22nd St Apt 1B

2158 Ocean Ave 7A

1927 78th St PH-B

1803 Ryder St