Alex Kogan NYS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Alex Kogan NYS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

1812 Bath Ave, Brooklyn NY 11214
345 93 Street Brooklyn, NY 11209
651 Willowbrook Rd, Staten Island NY 10314
Direct (917) 776-8269
Office (718) 612-3088

My On-Market & Off-Market listings

Work with a Pro!

I speak to thousands of owners of real estate properties in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and Staten Island. Many of them are also investors and developers, looking to buy. If you are one of them, we probably have already spoken via email or SMS. I have more “on market” and “off market” listings than most brokers. The best way to sell a property is to have it listed professionally, on all the right websites, but I realize that many sellers of commercial properties don’t want to list officially for one reason or another, and I have no problem with this. I can list your property here, on, without any syndication. One email blast to my database of active buyers, and a good chance of a reasonable offer. If you wish, we can even provide an approximate location instead of the address of the property.

Marketing commercial real estate properties is not the only thing I do. I can also help you find the right architect, expeditor, or any other professional in this field. Throughout the years, I have learned a lot about zoning regulations in New York, and I keep learning new facts every day. I like figuring out how many buildable sq ft a property has for a new contraction, based on the FAR, overlays, setbacks, width of the street, etc. Whenever I find something I don’t know, I consult one of many registered architects who I know and work with. If you have a property which is fully rented, I will help you to figure out how much an investor will be willing to pay for it based on your NOI and Capitalization Rate that it would produce for a buyer.

How I'm different from other brokers

I started my real estate career in Brooklyn, where I live, and I’m very honored to be ranked as the most successful real estate broker in Brooklyn, by Zillow's Top 250 List! As I show in the video, Zillow made it super easy to check who are the most active brokers in your area. Simply go to, click on Agent Finder and enter Brooklyn, NY. Zillow will then display Top 250 brokers, based on the number of our Active Listings, Recent Sales, and Reviews.


As I show in the video above, it’s very easy to check who are the most active brokers in Brooklyn. If you would like to dig in even deeper, you can also compare brokers using their Zillow and Brooklyn MLS profiles as I show in the video below. Dear sellers, don’t think that all agents are made equal. We’re not. Only about 5% of us are successful Listing Agents. The rest are Buyer’s agents, most of whom have no listings of their own, and wouldn’t know how to properly market a listing if they got one. If you speak to 10 different agents, they will all tell you that they are #1. Even the most unsuccessful ones will sound like they are successful. Don’t take our word for it. Check how many Active Listings, Past Sales and Reviews any agent has, by simply visiting their Zillow and Brooklyn MLS profiles, as I show in the video below


How to compare real estate brokers

As you can see from the video, it’s very easy to check sale statistics of realtors. There is no longer a need to choose a broker based on just talk. You now have the ability to decide based on amount of sales and experience in online marketing any broker has.

As I show in the video, if you check my Zillow profile, you will see that I have higher amount if sales than any broker in Brooklyn. This means that I would reach more buyers, sell your property faster, get higher offers, and more back-up offers.

Furthermore, I’m a proud owner and operator of a new, revolutionary camera, which helps to display and market real estate properties in the most amazing way. Check out my 3D Scans